Selected Regulations

The following are unofficial versions of selected regulations of the National Government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands. There are more regulations, but they are not readily accessible.

In the event of discrepancies between the posted regulations and the regulations as officially distributed by the agency or entity of the Government that promulgated them, the agency’s or entity’s version controls. See the Disclaimer page.

Agencies and entities may change or amend their regulations at any time. Accordingly, users of these regulations are advised to check with the originating agency or entity for any changes or amendments to the regulations prior to relying on them.

For more information on the regulations of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, please contact the Office of the Attorney-General, Republic of the Marshall Islands, P.O. Box 890, Majuro, MH 96960, Marshall Islands, phone 692-625-3244/8245.

  1. Anti-money Laundering Regulations, 2002 (Rev’d 2019)
  2. Citizenship Regulations, 2002
  3. Corporate Regulations, 1995 (Amd. July 26, 2018)
  4. Economic Substance Regulations, 2018
  5. Election Regulations, 1993
  6. Environmental Protection Authority Regulations
    1. Earthmoving Regulations, 1994
    2. Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations, 1994
    3. Marine Water Quality Regulations, 1992
    4. Pesticides and Organic Pollutants Regulations, 2004
    5. Public Water Supply Regulations, 1994
    6. Solid Waste Regulations, 1989
    7. Toilet Facilities and Sewage Disposal Regulations, 1990
    8. Sustainable Development Regulations, 2006
  7. Foreign Investment Business License Regulations
  8. Historic Preservation Office Regulations
    1. Regulations Governing the Conduct of Archaeological and Anthropological Research in the Republic
    2. Regulations Governing the Taking and Export of Artifacts
    3. Regulations Governing the Disposition of Human Remains
    4. Regulations Governing the Modification of Land
    5. Regulations Governing Access to Prehistoric and Historic Submerged Resources
  9. Immigration Regulations of 2009
  10. Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority Regulations
    1. Marshall Islands Marine Resources Act Regulations, 1998
    2. Fishing License (Third Implementation Arrangement) Regulations of 2009
    3. Sea Cucumber Regulations of 2012
    4. Aquarium Fishery Regulations of 2015
  11. Marshall Islands Social Security Administration Rule No. 2010-01 Regarding the Customary Adoption of Children
  12. Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matter Regulations, 2002
  13. Public Service Regulations, 2011
  14. Regulations Governing Conditional Release of Prisoners, 1993
  15. Work Permit Regulations, 2007